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AutoDesk Alias Surface 2019 overview:

The software enables the creation and rendering of 2D sketches and features the use of modern Cintique tablets. This digital workflow opens up a whole new imaging world. Unlike software such as Photoshop, AutoDesk Alias Surface 2019 allows the use of 3D package data (curves, solids, surfaces) to provide real 3D dimensional support for the sketching process. An interesting effect arises when using 3D package data when drawing and presenting the same design from many different perspectives. The underlying 3D package always helps to maintain the correct and realistic outlook.

It seems that even scanned hand sketches can be imported into AutoDesk Alias Surface 2019. The user creates 3D curves based on this 2D input which are the basis for the automatic creation of a NURBS surface network. These surfaces can be further decorated with sketches so that the design can be presented quickly and nicely without time-consuming detail modeling. To evaluate the model with mappings of sketched details, it is often enough to make early concept decisions.

Not always design begins with concept sketches on paper. The designer sometimes starts with physical clay models immediately. Sometimes the client wants an existing model to be partially re-designed. In this case, it is possible to scan and import the physical models into AutoDesk Alias Surface 2019. The designer (stylist) is cutting out the polygon model parts that need to be re-designed and filling it with its own NURBS surfaces. He can easily change and balance the proportions of his model or just parts of it using modern global shaping techniques.

Surface enables 3D-Polygondata (typical Scanner output) to coexist with sketched pixel data and NURBS surfaces, called Modeling Hybrid.

Besides this, even traditionally a styling idea can be modeled as a NURBS surface model. The conventional modeling tools are offered for this AutoDesk Alias Surface 2019. These tools are mainly based on the philosophy of curve-based modeling. In this, four-sided NURBS surfaces are filled out of curves in a suitable network. This workflow coincides with most car stylists ‘ common thinking and behavior, thinking in feature lines. The high-end surface modeling discipline matches the Class A quality level.

As concept modeling, this modeling effort requires advanced tools and different workflows.

It’s all about modeling light and shadow in this discipline. The surface highlights are very sensitive and show every small imbalance, so the surfaces must be put together very nicely. For this special purpose, many automotive companies prefer the use of NURBS single-span geometry and its direct manipulation over time. This type of modeling (curves as edges are not needed to manipulate the surfaces) is a good increase in AutoDesk Alias Surface 2019 ‘ traditional curve-based modeling technology. In addition to this, surfaces of Class A must match special requests for technology.

The radii, for example, must have some peaks and some lead-in. Shut-line design requires special tools and diagnostics that are also available in AutoDesk Alias Surface 2019.

Especially when designing surface complexes with more than one surface item (filet and flange) history-based tools, multiple different commands can be combined into one tool. Such a tool creates in one step the filet flange, or it creates a ball corner when three radii come together. During the entire NURBS modeling process, these semi-automatic tools can save time, especially when performing technical surfaces such as flanges and the mentioned ball corners.

Autodesk focuses on the automotive industry with the development of the AutoDesk Alias Surface 2019 software line. Autodesk Alias Surface 2019 users benefit from existing technology and infrastructure from Autodesk.

The AutoDesk Alias Surface 2019 software line supports industrial designers to use a digital prototype to capture their ideas. The need here is to leave the designer’s creativity as untouched as much as possible. Autodesk understands this process from the concept idea until a 3D prototype is leveraged. With the leverage of Class A surface data to Engineering / major CAD systems, Autodesk draws the line in automotive.

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