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System OS: Windows 64-bit
Language: English
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CADprofi 2023 Overview:

CADprofi 2023 is a software that helps you design different kinds of projects, such as buildings, machines, electrical systems, and pipes. It works with many other CAD programs, such as AutoCAD, BricsCAD, and ZWCAD.

CADprofi 2023 Features:

– Additional options for working with attributes: now edit the attributes of any object in the drawing, such as dimensions, angles, colors, layers, etc. Also, use the Quick Edit command to modify multiple objects at once.

– Changes in the Bill of Materials command: now generate a bill of materials for any installation in the drawing, such as pipes, ducts, cables, etc. Also, customize the format and content of the bill of materials.

– New polyline drawing styles for schematic lines: now choose from different styles of polylines to draw schematic lines for any installation, such as solid, dashed, dotted, etc. also change the style of existing polylines.

– Quick edit: drawing pipe sequences in detailed views: now draw pipe sequences in detailed views using the Quick Edit command. select the pipe type, size, and fittings from a list of options and draw them along the infoline.

– Connecting pipes after removing while removing the entire set of armature: now connect pipes automatically after removing an armature from the drawing. The program will adjust the length and position of the pipes accordingly.

– New options for insulating, flagging, and splitting: now apply insulation, flanges, and splits to any object in the drawing, such as pipes, ducts, cables, etc. Also, specify the parameters and appearance of these elements.

– Drawing pipes/ducts along multiple infolines: now draw pipes and ducts along multiple infolines at once. This can help you create complex installations faster and easier.

– Automatic marks and letter numbering: now add marks and letter numbering to any object in the drawing automatically. The program will assign unique identifiers to each object based on its type and location.

– New and extended wall type catalogs: now choose from more wall types in the Architectural module, such as brick walls, concrete walls, metal walls, etc. Also, create your own wall types using different layers and materials.

– Waste containers: now insert waste containers into your drawings to create realistic and detailed scenes. The program has a library of waste containers for different purposes and sizes.

– Parametric fireplaces: now insert fireplaces into your drawings to create cozy and warm interiors or exteriors. The program has a library of fireplaces for different models and styles, such as traditional, modern, electric, gas, and also adjusts their parameters and components.

– Saunas: now insert saunas into your drawings to design your own recreational areas or facilities. The program has a library of saunas of different shapes and sizes, as well as accessories such as benches, heaters, doors, etc.

– Update of culvert and recess library: now insert culverts and recesses into your drawings to create drainage systems or underground passages. The program has an updated library of culverts and recesses for different types and dimensions.

Minimum system requirements CADprofi 2023:

– Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10
– Free hard disk space: 1 GB
– Installed memory: 4 GB
– Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later
– Minimum screen resolution: 800 x 600

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Services Includes:

Software purchase guide, Installation assistant, Software related documentation & files download, Handling application Error, Remote service, Online tech support.

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