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Services: Installation (Full Version) & Application Error handling Support
Validity: One-Time Payment & Lifetime Access
System OS: Windows 64-bit
Language: English
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EdgeCAM 2022 Overview:

EdgeCAM 2022 is a computer software that helps people design and make different kinds of products using machines. It can work with different machines, such as cutting, drilling, or bending metal. It can also create 3D models of the products and show how they will look and work before making them.

EdgeCAM 2022 features:

– Holder collision avoidance: This feature can automatically detect and avoid collision between the tool and its holder against the target model, stock, and fixture. This can improve the safety and efficiency of the toolpaths.

– Advanced 5-axis deburring cycle: You can automatically find and remove sharp edges or burrs from the solid model using a dynamic toolpath. This can improve the quality and appearance of the products.

– Tombstone manager: It supports component parts with 5-axis simultaneous toolpaths. This can increase the productivity and flexibility of multipart machining.

– Thread milling: It feature can allow users to set a different feed rate for plunging into the hole. This can reduce the cycle time and improve the performance of thread milling.

– Machine tool configuration improvements: Simplify creating and editing machine tools. Users can easily select, modify, and preview machine tools from a graphical interface.

– Deburring cycle: Automatically find and remove sharp edges or rough parts from the product.

– Intelligent Manufacturing: You can quickly apply the best way to make the product based on the shape and material.

– Inspect: This feature can check the quality and accuracy of the product using special devices.

– Improved dialog help and user guides for different modules and cycles

– Support for EWS models retired

– New DWG/DXF loader as default option

Minimum system requirements EdgeCAM 2022:

– Windows 10 or 11 – 64 bit: Only Professional versions supported
– Graphics board supporting OpenGL 3.3: Minimum 1920 x 1080 resolution. Supporting at least 65,000 colors
– 4 GB of RAM
– Graphics: 512 MB + onboard RAM. AMD Radeon Pro series or the NVIDIA RTX/Quadro series with the latest WHQL drivers
– 32 GB of RAM
– SSD Hard Disk

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Services Includes:

Software purchase guide, Installation assistant, Software related documentation & files download, Handling application Error, Remote service, Online tech support.

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