Geometric NestingWorks for SolidWorks 2024



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Geometric NestingWorks for SolidWorks 2024 Overview:

Geometric NestingWorks for SolidWorks 2024 is a software tool that helps you arrange parts to be cut from materials like metal or wood in the most efficient way possible. It works within SolidWorks, a popular 3D design program, to make sure you use as little material as needed and save on costs. It’s especially useful for designs that involve sheet metal or flat stock and supports the design-to-manufacturing process.

Geometric NestingWorks for SolidWorks 2024 Features:

  • True-shape Nesting: NestingWorks utilizes Geometric’s NESTLib technology for accurate and fast nesting based on the actual shapes of your parts, unlike some programs that use rectangles around the parts. This leads to higher material utilization.
  • Seamless SolidWorks Integration: This functions directly within the SolidWorks interface, providing a familiar and efficient workflow.
  • Sheet Management: You can define sheets for cutting from various sources including template sizes, custom sizes, or even SolidWorks sketches.
  • Part Data Management: Specify quantities, material grain direction, and rotation preferences for each part during the nesting process.
  • Automatic Nesting: The software automatically generates various nesting layouts and chooses the one with the most optimal material usage.
  • Nesting Preview: Before finalizing the nesting layout, you can preview it to ensure it meets your requirements.
  • Remnant Management: NestingWorks allows you to account for remnants from previous cuts and utilize them in the nesting process to further reduce waste.
  • Reporting: After generating the nesting layout, NestingWorks provides a report detailing the total number of parts nested, material utilization percentage, and individual sheet information.

Minimum System Requirements Geometric NestingWorks for SolidWorks 2024:

– Operating System: Windows 11, 64-bit (from SW2022 SP2) or Windows 10, 64-bit.
– Processor: 64-bit Intel or AMD processor.
– RAM: 16 GB
– Graphics/GPU: Certified cards and drivers are recommended.
– Drives: SSD drives are recommended for optimal performance.

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Services Includes:

Software purchase guide, Installation assistant, Software related documentation & files download, Handling application Error, Remote service, Online tech support.

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