Windows 10 will no longer featured the Android App

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Windows 10 will no longer featured the Android App :

Android App port found on Microsoft Windows 10 is put on hold. According to a report the company has made this project currently hold indefinitely. And the iOS app is working on the port tool.

Microsoft launched its new operating system when Windows 10 users had promised that the Android and iOS apps on the Windows 10 operating system will make a tool to port. Android and iOS app, so that all Windows users can access. But the delay in the project, the company has delayed indefinitely the Android port tool. However, work is still on the iOS App Tool. And hopefully, it will be completed as soon as possible.

According to the report, Microsoft Tools on the Android app developers port were already given up. Indeed, Microsoft wanted to build apk file through which the Android app to be run. So much for the developers to not only save a few. They say that because it would be very difficult with a privacy app. Many performance-related issues emerged when the company decided to discontinue the project.

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