Blackmagic Design Fusion Studio 18



Services: Installation (Full Version) & Application Error handling Support
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System OS: Windows 64-bit
Language: English
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Blackmagic Design Fusion Studio 18 Overview:

Blackmagic Design Fusion Studio 18 is a professional software for visual effects, motion graphics, and compositing. It’s used to create graphics and visual effects for movies, TV shows, and commercials. It has a wide range of tools and features that allow artists to create complex animations and effects. The software uses a node-based interface which makes it flexible and powerful for digital compositing.

Blackmagic Design Fusion Studio 18 Features:

  • Node-Based Interface: Fusion Studio 18 features a node-based interface, where each node represents a different effect, filter, or media element. This approach allows for a highly organized and flexible workflow, making it easier to manage complex compositions and visual effects.
  • 3D Workspace: Fusion includes a fully integrated 3D workspace, enabling artists to create and composite 3D elements directly within the software. This feature supports 3D models, lighting, shading, and rendering, allowing for seamless integration of 3D assets into 2D scenes.
  • Advanced Compositing Tools: A comprehensive set of compositing tools, including keying, rotoscoping, color correction, and image retouching. These tools are essential for creating high-quality visual effects and integrating different elements seamlessly.
  • Motion Tracking and Stabilization: The software includes robust motion tracking and stabilization features, which can track and match the movement of objects within a scene. This is crucial for tasks object replacement, motion graphics, and match moving.
  • VR and Stereoscopic Tools: Fusion includes tools for creating and editing virtual reality (VR) and stereoscopic 3D content. These features allow artists to work with 360-degree footage and create immersive VR experiences.
  • Open Standards Support: The software supports a wide range of open standards, including OpenFX, Alembic, and Universal Scene Description (USD). This ensures compatibility with other VFX and 3D applications, facilitating a seamless workflow.
  • Integration with DaVinci Resolve: Fusion Studio 18 integrates seamlessly with DaVinci Resolve, Blackmagic Design’s color grading and editing software. This integration allows a smooth transition between editing, color grading, and visual effects workflows.

Minimum System Requirements Blackmagic Design Fusion Studio 18:

  • Operating System: Windows 10 (64-bit).
  • Processor: Intel Core i7 or AMD Ryzen 7 or higher.
  • RAM: 16 GB minimum (32 GB or more recommended for complex projects).
  • GPU: NVIDIA or AMD GPU with 4 GB of VRAM
  • Hard Disk Space: SSD for the operating system and Fusion software, with 1 TB of available space for project files and media.

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Services Includes:

Software purchase guide, Installation assistant, Software related documentation & files download, Handling application Error, Remote service, Online tech support.

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