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ContextCapture Editor CONNECT Edition Overview:

ContextCapture Editor CONNECT Edition ContextCapture offers powerful capabilities.

Knowledge modeling data for the integration and processing of reality modeling data Workflows from modeling. Includes the SELECT® Attach Version Latest Azure-based services that offer SELECT CONNECT services Comprehensive learning, mobility, and collaboration benefits all The subscribers to a Bentley application. Adaptive Programs for Learning aid consumers Master use by CONNECT Advisor of Bentley applications, a new Service that offers contextual and customized learning in the framework. Personal mobility services include Bentley applications with unrestricted access, Ensuring that consumers have access to the right project data where and where they are needing it. Connection Services from Project Wise® enable users to Share application and project details safely, handle and resolve them, and Issues and the formation, sending, and reception of transmissions, submissions, and RFIs.

Create 3D Engineering-ready Reality Meshes

For any infrastructure project, ContextCapture Editor CONNECT Edition allows you to use ordinary photographs to cost-effectively create 3D models of the most demanding current conditions. Adding point clouds from laser scans results in fine points, sharp edges, and geometric precision for additional accuracy. To provide accurate real-world context for design, development, and operational decisions during the lifecycle of projects, you can easily build and use these highly detailed 3D reality meshes. ContextCapture helps you to create 3D models of any size, from items of a few centimeters to entire cities, accurately and easily. Only the picture resolution you use restricts the accuracy of the resulting 3D model.

Affordable, Realistic 3D Models
Creating correct truth meshes more easily and affordably without wasting time and Specialized acquisition devices tools and related preparation. Everything you need is a camera for your smartphone.

Trust to model any project of scale
With ContextCapture’s general-purpose computation on graphics processing units (GPGPU) as well as multicore computing, Confident and efficient delivers highly detailed models of any size faster than ever. ContextCapture Editor CONNECT Edition can process, per device, approximately 20 gigapixels per day.

Embed templates in every workflow
In any CAD or GIS workflow on desktop and mobile devices and in several formats, including native use within MicroStation® and other Bentley applications, access and share these richly photo-textured 3D models of existing conditions.

Integrate geo-referenced information

There are many types of positioning data natively provided by ContextCapture, including GPS tags and control points. Via position/rotation import or complete block import, it can also import any other positioning info. This helps you to calculate coordinates, lengths, fields, and volumes precisely. Carry out Automatic

Reconstruction of Aerotriangulation and 3D

Once the relative location and orientation of each photo have been automatically established, by inserting control points and editing tie points to optimize geometric and geospatial precision, you can make fine adjustments to the aero-triangulation results. With unparalleled precision, the optimized 3D reconstruction algorithms generate accurate 3D models and picture texturing of each mesh facet. Since it ensures optimum positioning of 3D mesh vertices, with fewer artifacts, ContextCapture recovers finer details and sharper edges, greatly enhancing geometric precision.

Generate GIS Models in 2D and 3D 
With ContextCapture, you can generate precise geo-referenced 3D models in a wide range of GIS formats, including true orthophotos and new Cesium 3D Tiles, with KML and XML tiling and triangulation exports. This application provides the interface of the coordinate system database to ensure interoperability with your chosen GIS solution. You can choose from more than 4,000 reference spatial structures and add user-defined ones. In addition, ContextCapture adapts the model’s resolution and accuracy to the resolution and spatial distribution of input data automatically. This means that to retain a few higher-resolution scene regions, ContextCapture can manage scenes with non-uniform resolution without needing trade-offs in overall efficiency.

Services Includes:

Software purchase guide, Installation assistant, Software related documentation & files download, Handling application Error, Remote service, Online tech support.

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