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About AutoCAD Electrical 2019

It is a useful application that provides electrical engineers with an interactive design solution. In this version, you can design and build circuits with many new features. It enables the user to create circuits intuitively and then apply specific logic to correct any flaws in their design.

AutoCAD Electrical 2019 is an effective and powerful tool for electrical wire routing, power distribution, analysis, and circuit design. It includes topology optimization/minimization, impedance matching, parallel line modeling with distributed capacitance load models (DCLM), and simulation of transient voltage faults with single-line to earth ground faults (SLTEGF) in both steady state and time domain modes.

New Library:

The Library Manager feature in AutoCAD Electrical 2019 allows users to manage libraries. This tool allows users to create, edit, and delete library files. Before it can be used, the Library Manager requires the following:

Make sure to save all templates as library file types (ELECTRICAL LIBRARY). This means that no templates should be kept on external drives or servers. These must be kept in the AutoCAD Electrical installation directory or they cannot be shared between people who use different versions of AutoCAD Electrical. Before using a newer version of AutoCAD Electrical, any user must save their template drawings as an ELECTRICAL LIBRY file type.

Distributed Capacitance Load Models (DCLM):

Autodesk has updated the DCLM tool in the 2019 version to model distributed capacitance loads more accurately. It could previously only handle a single point load on an electrical line with a resistance of 0 Ω and inductance of 0 μH; now, it can handle multiple points or oscillating currents.

Transient Voltage Fault Initiation:

Transient Voltage Fault Initiation is a new feature in the 2019 version. The software automates a process that previously required trial and error with an oscilloscope, allowing potential power quality issues to be identified more quickly.

Single-Line to Earth Ground Faults (SLTEGF):

A SLTEGF is an electrical event that occurs when a fault current flows between the phase conductor and the ground.

Improved Wire Routing:
It includes new wire routing features. When creating a linear, radial, or helical path for wires to follow on your design drawing, you can now use the “Eliminate Close” function.

GIS integration:

AutoCAD Electrical’s GIS integration is now more powerful than ever! Look no further if you want an easy-to-use CAD software that has everything you need and want.

New Features in AutoCAD Electrical 2019:

  • Engineers can design electrical systems using the Circuit Builder.
  • Make panels, bus routes, and cable trays.
  • Connect cables to the panel or run them through the tray.
  • Generate circuit breaker specifications for all circuits in a project automatically.
  • Engineers can now use Circuit Builder to create well-modeled electrical systems with wires attached to each junction box and power supply point when drawn as part of an assembly.
  • The interactive interface allows you to specify the number of junction boxes and cable lengths you want in your system before it is generated automatically.
  • There is no longer any need to manually specify circuit breakers (they are generated automatically), saving you more time than ever before!

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