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Autodesk Advance Steel 2019, What is new?

Autodesk Advance Steel 2019 provides 3D and 2D

Accelerate description and documentation with an easy-to-use Autodesk Advance Steel 2019 software system. designed to figure out the prime of AutoCAD, the Advance Steel software system provides intelligent 3D modeling tools and automatic options that facilitate speed time to fabrication.

Autodesk Advance Steel 2019 is a 3D modeling software system for steel description. The Advance Steel description software system helps to accelerate style, together with steel description, fabrication, and construction—built on the acquainted AutoCAD vogue. you’ll be able to additionally connect Revit models to Advance Steel for description and fabrication.

This application supports all basic AutoCAD ideas and functions (snap points, grip points, copy, etc.. once running on its own CAD platform, the application provides identical capabilities as running on AutoCAD. Autodesk Advance SteelCAD platform serves each as a graphic engine ANd an object homeward-bound information. complaisance is assured between versions of Advance Steel running on its own CAD platform and running on AutoCAD.

Advance Steel imports and exports range file formats together with DWG, GTC, IFS, PSS, KISS, DSTV, and DXF.

The main functions of Advance Steel are

Creation of a 3D model employing a library of construction components (i.e., beams, plates, bolts, welds, etc.).
Sheet metal and plate work
Advanced tools for component collision detection.
Clear workshop drawings, mechanically tagged, and dimensioned.
Checking the model so as to ensure a properly designed 3D model and correct bills of materials.
Automatic creation of general arrangement and search drawings, fabrication drawings, fitting drawings, isometric views, and fabrication drawings.
Drawing creation advancement management (revision management, automatic update, etc.)
Automatic creation of lists/bills of materials and NC files.
Multi-User Technology – all users concerned in a project will work at the same time and firmly on the identical model, with not errors.
Autodesk Advance Steel provides instruments for modeling advanced structures like straight and spiral stairs, railings, ladders, etc. The program creates all necessary documents (including NC files) for the support fabrication.

There could be a highlight of the newest and increased options accessible during this version.

1 – increased ability with Revit 2019

The Advance Steel 2019 Extension for Revit 2019 transfers steel members and steel connections to Advance Steel 2019. Not only are the constant steel associations being transferred between the 2 products, but additionally individual elements of custom connections like plates, bolts, anchors, and welds. This increased advancement helps steel detailers and fabricators to require a higher advantage of the steel model designed in Revit.

Revit ability

Remark: the Advance Steel 2019 Extension could be a separate extension downloadable from the Autodesk Desktop App (see image below), you’ll be able to additionally realize it in your Autodesk Account at

2 – Migrate custom settings tool enhancements

The Migrate Custom Settings tool offers a contemporary and informative interface for migrating your custom settings and files from a previous unharness to Advance Steel 2019. It helps find and determine made-to-order settings and permits you to decide on which of them you’d prefer to migrate.

Migrate custom settings tool

This unharness offers a lot of migration choices with personalized settings like mapping definition, made-to-order symbols, approval comments and standing, and a lot of.

3 – New tool for fictional anchors

Advance Steel 2019 comes with a replacement dedicated “Bolt cage” tool (available within the association Vault) to insert made-to-order fictional anchors to your base plates.

Bolt cage tool

The addition is for those of you WHO prefer to fabricate your own Anchor Bolts as hostile getting them off the shelf.

The properties dialog permits to outline of these custom anchors with numerous shapes, and sizes, complete with Tie Bars/Tie Plate and Washer potentialities.

In total, there are eleven variations. together with Rectangular, Triangular, and Circular choices for arrangements.


Read a lot of concerning this new feature here.

4 – show horizontal grid lines on elevation views

If your 3D model contains grid lines on distinct levels, you’ve got the power to show these gridlines on the elevation views of your drawing.

For that, you would like to activate the default “Display horizontal grid line in details” possibility that is offered within the Management Tools, before making the read on the drawing.

Display horizontal lines –

When inserting a vertical dimension to the present grid line on your drawing, you’ll be able to snap to “Preferred for manual dimensions” snap purpose to urge good dimensions that can be altered mechanically just in case the dimensioned grid line gets enraptured within the project.

5 – increased drawing update behavior

In Advance Steel 2019, the drawing update behavior has been increased for good dimensions.

Prior to these enhancements, there have been some cases where dimensions got enraptured to a different location throughout a drawing update. during this unharness, good dimensions stay in situ throughout a drawing update.

enhanced drawing update

Also, the compass image remains in situ and keeps the design that has been appointed to that once the drawing gets updated.

6 – a lot of management on cut views on drawings

You can simply produce a cut read before Steel.

The size of cut reads currently corresponds to the dimension between the 2 points picked once to process the cutting plane on the most view.

More management on cut views:

This helps to have a lot of clarity on search drawings and general arrangement drawings.

7 – simply share your 3D model inside or outside your organization

The Shared Views feature makes it easier for you to share your Advance Steel styles with stakeholders, while not causation your DWG files to them.

shared views

From the new Collaborate tab on the ribbon, you’ll be able to show the Shared Views palette before Steel.

After the process is complete and therefore the shared read has been uploaded to the cloud, a bubble notification displays on the standing bar and you’ll be able to get the temporary link to share with others.

Stakeholders will read, review, measure, comment, and markup the 3D read, get access to Advance Steel object properties, and mistreatment Autodesk Viewer within their applications program.

In Advance Steel, you’ll be able to refresh the Shared Views palette at any time by clicking the Refresh button; and see the most recent comments and alternative info.

Services Includes:

Software purchase guide, Installation assistant, Software related documentation & files download, Handling application Error, Remote service, Online tech support.

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